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The Engraving Process

Step 1.

All designs and messages are pre-plotted using a stabillo pencil that can be removed with a water and cloth after completing step 2, to ensure correct spelling and design placement prior to the engraving.

Step 2.

The surface is then freehand engraved using a portable micro drill tool. Very fine glass/metal dust is produced from the engraving process and is carefully dusted off so there is no damage to the label.

Step 3.

The surface is permanently etched with the design or message, making for an elegant and lasting keepsake.

Add-On Service: The engraved surface can be filled in gold or silver (not for textured surfaces or glassware that will be heavily used)

Hand Engraved

  • Custom Engraved Tumbler | Sunwill Brand Stainless Steel 20oz.
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